Authentication middleware

This module provides the authkit.authenticate.middleware middleware which is used to intercept responses with a specified status code, present a user with a means of authenticating themselves and handle the sign in process.

Each of the authentication methods supported by the middleware is described in detail in the main AuthKit manual. The methods include:

  • HTTP Basic (basic)
  • HTTP Digest (digest)
  • OpenID Passurl (openid)
  • Form and Cookie (form)
  • Forward (forward)
  • Redirect (redirect)

The authenticate middleware can be configured directly or by means of a Paste deploy config file as used by Pylons. It can be used directly like this:

from authkit.authenticate import middleware, test_app
from paste.httpserver import serve

import sys
app = middleware(
    enable = True,
    method = 'passurl',

serve(app, host='', port=8000)

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