Django LiveStore API


First, you'll need the following environment variables to be defined:

  • DJANGO_HOME - I.e: A recent Django snapshot and optional patches from django.bugfixes.
  • DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE - A module name to load regular Django settings from.

% export DJANGO_HOME=/usr/local/share/Django % export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=helloworld.config.settings

Then to customize the basic user settings:

% cp development.ini.sample development.ini % edit development.ini ...

Next, launch httpserver:

% python ../tools/ -c path/to/development.ini --settings helloworld.settings

To run the satchmo store demo:

% export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=satchmo_store.settings % python ../tools/ -c conf/satchmo_store.ini --settings=$DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE --path=./lib

(Note the path argument at the end of the command line!)

Have fun!