is a high-reliability, and distributed network database (key-value store), similar to Google's BigTable and Dynamo.

Data Model:


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To start up server

# starts cassandra cluster node on localhost :)
export PATH="$PATH:$PREFIX/bin"
ulimit -n 4096 # raises max files limit
cassandra -f

To access the console interface

cassandra-cli --host localhost --port 9160

Adding data:

cassandra> set Keyspace1.Standard2['erob']['username'] = 'erob' 
Value inserted.
cassandra> set Keyspace1.Standard2['erob']['email'] = ''
Value inserted.
cassandra> set Keyspace1.Standard2['erob']['website'] = ''    
Value inserted.
cassandra> get Keyspace1.Standard2['erob']
=> (column=website, value=, timestamp=1271943202987000)
=> (column=username, value=erob, timestamp=1271943166285000)
=> (column=email,, timestamp=1271943177117000)
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