A notmm extension to build experimental blogging applications in Python.

BlogEngine is currently in development and the API is not yet stable.

Thus you may use BlogEngine at your own risks only... :)

Schevo DB integration notes

BlogEngine is tighly integrated with the Schevo ORM for network-based transactions. (client/server)

Tips and tricks

To synchronize a Durus 3.9 database with new schema changes, using the new "durus://" prefix

sh bin/ syncdb --app blogengine durus:///var/db/blogengine/blogengine.durus

To upgrade a database file, the procedure is

sh bin/ upgradedb --app blogengine durus:///var/db/blogengine/blogengine.durus REVISION

where REVISION is an integer value representing the current schema source file.


Help! The schevo-syncdb tool is not working!

Database server (xdserver) must be shutdown prior to attempting any schema migration changes.

File uploads are not working in my Django app!

See How to handle file uploads in BlogEngine for some notes on file uploading in Django.

(!) File-uploading is supported since Django 1.3 but is still considered experimental feature.

So can it work as a standalone MoinMoin wiki for my website?

Yes! File-uploading is also fully-implemented in MoinMoin 1.8.9 and thus MoinMoinController can be used to handle wiki-based file uploads for the current (registred) user. (See WikiApp for an example.) However the details for file-uploading are mostly MoinMoin specific and doesn't currently depend on BlogEngine or Django.


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